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constant period cramps 39+ weeks

As the title says really! lol
have been in pain since last night, enough to wake me a good few times during the night, with just constant period cramps in my lower bump and thighs, thought i maybe just over did it a bit yest but ive done nothing all day and still in pain now dont think its contractions as its constant though gets worse if i move etc, gonna phone hossie when OH gets in for some advice, but thought id see if any of you girls had any idea while im waiting lol

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I had this all day yest and all last night and woke up and its disappeared but you are a couple weeks further than me, I knew mine wasn't contractions cause like you said it was constant. My midwife told me to lie on my left said to see if it eased, baby must of been squashing stuff in there I think xx

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It's a sign that you're not far off from going into labour! (I'm no professonal mind & unfortunatley I can't give you a time or day that baby will be born!) But, as baby is descending, baby will move into the pelvis causing pressure on the nerves. This pressure in the nerves will include cramp in your thighs like you've described! If this is the case, the pressure of baby on your pelvis will cause a rather uncomfortable pain.

I'm glad you're calling the professionals -good move. You are going to need to have a lot of rest and I wouldn't want this pain to cause you anther sleepless night. x

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