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early signs of labour at 36 weeks?or infection?

This is my fourth but my last two were induced (at 36 and 37 weeks) and my first labour is a dim and distant memory!

Yesterday I had increased discharge and an upset tummy - I had an apppointment where I had my urine tested which showed blood in it (the doctor gave me antibiotics in case I had an infection). I have no other symptoms of an infection no pain or more frequent need to go to the toilet etc. The baby has been very low for a few days and now the last few hours I have started having more contractions although the are still short and not as painful as I remember real labour contractions.

Could this all be because of an infection or could it be things starting off a bit early

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Could it be BH??? ive been getting these for months, they are more uncomfortable
than painful tho. (well mine are)

I had pain due to having a UTI which went on for over a week after i finished taking
anitbiotics so yes it could be because of the infection i guess.

I was induced so i dont know the early signs of labour other than
what i have read but if the pains start to get more intense i would call the MW
for advice hun. xxxx

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Ring your midwife as soon as poss..its a lot better than asking on here hun,cause no one can tell you for sure weather its early labour,and with having a history of early labour its best not to risk it xxxx

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I agree with Loz hun, give the midwife a call, you may need to be checked over. Keep us updated xx

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