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Buzzing feet? Tingling in swollen feet?

Lol, I'm getting swollen in my 37 weeks! My feet are swollen and it's no fun! I notice that when I walk my feet kind of buzz, or sting or something. It's hard to explain. Almost like a tingle feeling. Anyone else get this?

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Yup me too...but only in one foot, which, funnily enough, is my least swollen of the two. Weird. I was going to mention it to my OB today, but never saw hime.

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my hands and fingers feel like that, especially at the end of the day...urggg

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I have this too, especially on my right hand side, my whole leg goes numb and tingling - it can be quite painfull, the docs think it is where bubs is lying on a nerve where he is engaging. Also have carpal tunnel, again, mainly in my right hand, and get pains in 3 of my fingers!

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I have this too in one foot its so annoying, i have been to the docs and they have told me its not to do with my pregnancy and that was it!! nothing has been done about it. i have no swelling either just the tingling numby feeling. im 22 weeks preg

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