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Does the placenta move during pregnancy?

Evening ladies

I just wanted to ask some people who "know" what they are talking about lol. When i last had a MW check up at 25 weeks she said that my placenta was on the top right side of my uterus However today i was letting my friend use the doppler on me (as in on my belly) to hear my baby and she heard the wooshing noise and said that was my placenta at first i agreed becuase my MW said the wooshing was the placenta last time....

But now thinking back my friend said that when she had the prob on my left side and i thought your placenta doesn't move during pregnancy or does it..?? i know it gets higher as your uterus grows but that's it, it cant move from left to right can it...??

when my friend had the prob on my right side we couldn't hear any wooshing and i KNOW i heard it when my MW done it on my right at my 25 week appointment..Now i'm a bit scared that my placenta is coming away or something...basically my head is making up all sorts of things

Just would like some advice please as i am not shore if i should panic and call my MW or not

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you would know it if your placenta was comming away hun ... youd have serious pain and internal bleeding! ... your placenta is attached to your uterus it can only move with the uterus so no i wouldnt say it could move left or right... but it will expand obvs... the whooshing could also be baby moving in the waters or your picking it up from the right hand side... i wouldnt worry x

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Your placenta is settled into its place before you have your anomaly scan...if it was possible for the placenta to move then more scans would be done, especially on women with anterior placenta because if it could move and it went from high to low it would create problems during labour. However, movement of the placenta is not possible unless you suffer a prolapse in which case, as has been said you would know as you would be in agony and be bleeding.

If you are worried, request to see another midwife.

Good luck hun xxx

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Nope placentas dont just get up and move unfortunately! They fix in one spot. The best way to think about it is to imagine a balloon which is blown up just a little bit. (the uterus!) if you drew with a pen a little placenta on it and then blew it up a bit more the uterus would grow and the placenta might move higher up as it grew but they will never just switch sides or locations.
This is why some ladies with a low lying placenta at an early scan are ok later on as the uterine walls have grown and stretched and the placenta is higher up.
It could well be that with a doppler you heard a big vessel or part of the blood flow in the cord. Its so hard to tell one blood vessel whooshing from another!!
If you had an placental problem, you'd have other symtpoms - severe pain, bleeding etc. So I think you can probably relax!!!
Hope that helps Ali xxx

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No they don't move, but your placenta will be so big now that you'll hear it with the doppler in more than one location. They don't come away easily, and normally you would know about this as it would be painful!

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