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Drinking Neo Citran

So I had neo citran to help with my sore throat a few days ago. I think I had 4 cups over 2 days because I was told it was safe for pregnancy through a friend and the box just said ask your doctor if your pregnant.

Anyways now l've found out its not safe because of the decongestant so I haven't taken anymore but I feel like I've hurt my baby

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I've done that a couple times during my pregnancy. The biggest thing you can remind yourself is that there's nothing you can do now. I read in one of my pregnancy books that it's totally normal to make mistakes like this and not to beat yourself up. Also, do remember anything over the counter is much safer than a prescription, etc. If it was that bad, it wouldn't be available over the counter.

ALSO, when it says, "ask your doctor" that does not mean "don't take during pregnancy".

Sorry, don't mean to harp on you, I just know how stressful things like this can be. Try not to worry!

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Not to contradict, but OTC does not mean that it is somehow less "harmful" than prescription. That is not an accurate or safe assumption at all. When it says "ask your doctor", it means do NOT take it unless you have consulted with a physician or the pharmacist to ensure that there are no known contraindications for pregnancy. There are plenty of OTC drugs that really aren't a good idea to take while you are pregnant. I know the post was meant to be reassuring, and I am not trying to scare anyone or come down hard on anyone, but it is important that people don't have a false sense of security about OTC drugs. You can buy herbal teas that can be more harmful than some prescription drugs. The safety of the substance in pregnancy has nothing to do with the way it's sold.
That being said, Happyhayley, I am sure you and your baby are just fine.
Always Praying is right in saying that you can't change it now and that you didn't realize it was harmful. and she's right - no sense beating yourself up about it.
For future reference, here are a couple of sites that list OTC and prescription drugs by active ingredients and brand names. I've used both a few times. I hope they are helpful.
Also, even if it's just off the shelf, go ask the pharmacist. They have all the pregnancy info at their fingertips and are generally really helpful. They can often suggest something that is safe and effective so that you feel better and have peace of mind.

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