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how to check effacement?

Ok so i get the whole dilation thing.
1 finger = 1cm
2 finger = 2cm etc etc etc

How do you check ur effacement?
What are u feeling for?
What does different stages feel like?

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Most people are going to tell you not to check your own cervix, and you definitely shouldn't be fishing around in there enough to check your effacement.

Maybe someone will know something though if you must.

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I'm not sure how you check for effacement, but it means thinning so I guess you are comparing your cervix to what it is normally like to feel how much thinner it has got.

I also think checking it is safe, as long as your fingers are clean. It can be no dirtier than an unwashed penis! I say, go for it just be gentle!

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Didn't want to read and run but I would like to know the answer to this as well. You will find some individuals that say "don't" be putting your fingers in there but its your body and as long as your hands are clean and finger nails clipped so you don't cut yourself its perfectly fine. We should know our own bodies better than anyone else.......

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Check some of these pictures out, might put a better idea in your mind x

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i just read online that effacement is like this:

Outer OS to INNER os if it is to your 2nd joint on your finger, your not effaced.
If its to your FIRST joint (above finger nail) then around 50%
to your fingernail its 75

Hope that helps xx

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