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Softer lighter movement at 34 weeks...

Ag so I know everybody is sick to death of movement threads!!!

BUUUUUUUUUUT I am quite concerned. Bubz was being extremely active, even hurting me and kicking me upside the ribs until a few days ago. I still feel him moving quite a bit, but it's more rolls and shifting and much lighter than it was before.

Has anyone experienced this and is it normal for the gestation I am? I keep thinking baby is bigger and having a growth spurt but then common sense tells me the movements would be stronger if anything...

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I thought this the other day myself, i thought perhaps im getting bigger and giving him more space!

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I'm wondering if this is bloody moon related, so many of us at the mo are dealing with lighter movements, I've never sen so many threads on it... I'm not sick of them, its a relief really because its the same for me.

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as long as baby is still movin there shouldn't be a problem.

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I think it is perfectly normal. There is no need for her to worry about it. When I was pregnant with my first child I had experienced the same problem. He was kicking all the time and I had to get up at night frequently because of this. He was doing like this since the seventh month and the last two months were horrible for me. It is said that those babies who kick a lot will be very active later and it is true in my case.

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I'm finding at 34 weeks that baby has more quiet periods, I can only assume that she's sleeping, she is active for say 20 mins then goes quiet for a while, it drives me nuts because she was super active. I even find myself poking her when she doesn't move, sometimes she pokes back sometimes's really frustrating.

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Baby started being less active for me around 33wks. And just as described in the first post the movements were more like soft rolling movements rather than sharb jabs/kicks. Totally normal. Baby has less room and can't extend it's limbs as much.

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