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Nipples Leaking

Im 29 weeks and my nipples are leaking this yellowy clear fluid. I thought i was bleeding until i looked down and saw the colour. Its not just leakage though, it was like a stream of fluid coming out, kind of like my nipple was crying :/

Anyone else had this?? x

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It's colostrum, I've been leaking since about 20 weeks. Hasn't been streaming out like yours though, that would scare me lol.

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Totally normal

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Ive had leaking...but only small amounts..not a stream. Ive heard of people leaking through bras and shirts its prob normal. :-)

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i'm 36wks and nothing has happened with mine. i know it is completely normal and with my previous 2 boys i had leaks. but nothing this time. i think they are broken.

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I have only leaked once...don't worry nothing is wrong with you if you havent leaked. Some people dont actually start leaking until they are in hospital. I only leaked from one boob and that was like 25-30wks somewheres in amongst that time frame. We had our prenatal class and learned how to hand express the colostrum and I did it with that same boob but the other I couldnt get anything out!

If you are constantly leaking you may want to get some breast pads as it can make for some embarassing situations lol

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