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Foot Massage for Inducing Labor

Anyone heard of this before, any tried and tested and does it work??

What do you think, its worth asking the OH to give us a nice foot rub if nothing else i guess...

This is what i found online:

"There are several acupressure points that induce labor naturally. Two of these key pressure points are on the area right above the inner ankle on her calf and the webbed part between her thumb and index finger. Pressing these points in a circular motion for about 60 seconds, every 2 hours, can actually induce labor! Acupressure foot massage is one of the best at-home labor inducing remedies, and many times those who go in for an acupuncture or acupressure appointment end up in labor 48 hours or so later.

But what is acupressure? Like acupuncture, acupressure is a Holistic Medical System and one form of Traditional Chinese Medicine, where the acupressure specialist simply applies pressure to various points along a person’s body. Today acupressure foot massage is more commonly used by pregnancy care professionals, midwives and doulas than ever before.

Acupressure’s popularity is on the increase, because compared to medical induction and even to herbs like black and blue cohosh and conventional remedies like drinking Caster Oil, the acupressure foot massage for inducing labor has absolutely no side effects or risk factors.

Inducing labor “naturally” or medically is not entirely recommended. Acupressure foot massage can make the process go by faster and less painfully for the woman, but ultimately a baby will come when he is ready to come. It’s important not to use acupressure foot massage before the due date in order to not cause a premature labor. After the due date acupressure is recommended in order to avoid chemical induction of labor"

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I have heard of it Hun and I think it works for some people. I couldn't personally try it tho I'm way too tickle lol
Let us no how u get on

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A beautician told me this when I went to get a pedicure done two weeks ago. It didn't work for me, but I might get OH to give me a massage now that I'm well overdue

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i go to reflexology every 2/3 weeks and my reflexologists says it works better for induction for people that have it done regularly as the body is used to it and responds better.
she says that many women come to her and expect to practically go to hospital after their appointment and then they're disappointment when nothing happens.
i think there's no harm in trying but don't be crushed if it doesn't work.

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Im up for trying just told oh he on foot duty tonight :P

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