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27 + 5 and had a headache all day :(

Hi ladies,

I hav ehad a headaches all day on and off and I am getting worried with it now

In my last pregnancy 12 months ago I was addmitted to hosptal because of high blood pressure and protein in my wee.

I was eventually induced at 38 weeks.

I really don't want to go through all that again as my LO is only 9 months old and I don't think I could bear to be parted from him for that long!

I think I will take a few paracetamol and go to bed. If it gets worse or I wake up with a headache in the morning I am going to phone the hospital and go in to be checked.

Pooing my pants!

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I have high blood pressure - you can have that without having protein. In my first pregnancy I didn't get pre eclampsia till 38 weeks - but had high blood pressure all the way through.

This time I am on labetamol (sp?) to control my bp and apart from a blip the other week where they had to double my dose it has controlled it brilliantly. They start you on a low dose 100 mg (think its mg) twice a day - but my consultants reg told me you can take up to 2400 mg a day and they can combine it with other drugs.

High bp doesn't necessarily mean lots of stays in hospital though PE may. I would get your bp checked asap and ask them about medication (I have no side effects from my tablets, have been more tired since they doubled my dose but that may just be end of pregnancy as I am 37 weeks).

It will be a vicious circle if you worry you are more likely to put your bp up or keep your headache going - try and drink loads of water as if its not bp it may be because you are dehydrate (i suffer badly from headaches and migraines when I am not pregnant too). Best to get checked and put your mind at rest.

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I have had headaches this pregnancy, dull ones on my temple that last for like 2 days!
Also I have had a migraine.. haven't had one in 8 years!

I could just be the hormones giving you headaches, or being dehydrated/not drinking enough.. it doesn't have to mean that you have high bp when you have a headache!
Worrying and stressing about it ain't going to help, so just try to relax

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I agree increase your water intake. I was having headaches every day and upped my water to 8 to 10 bottles a day and it has helped alot. Good luck. XX

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