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I def hope that they continue to research tho - this morning's news had the old argument of whether or not adding flouride to the water is good or not and that discussion and research has been going on for 40 or 50 years.

You just have to trust that the medical profession is proactive in it's continued testing of these procedures/advice/medication - whether it's epidural, drinking alcahol or flu vaccines - we should hope that we are being given the best advice by the very people we put our babies' lives in to the hands of - that's all we can go by....


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I had epi with both my boys, was able to push fine, neither were distressed, no side affects, both were alert and latched on right away...I really enjoyed the labor and birth as I wasn't in any pain. So it was good for me in that area as well. I really felt that the epi was better than having the iv or injection narcotics that do "for sure" cross the placenta, whereas I was told by my doctor and epi person, that the epi only went to the nerves in my back to block out the pain, and didn't cross placenta as far as research could tell at that time. It worked for us, but to each their own I say...

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Interesting. Apart from the not knowing when to push thing and ending up with a forceps delivery, I didn't see any of the effects, indirect or direct either. I generally have low blood pressure and had an epidural in the last two hours of labour and Tristan's heart rate was fine throughout (even after being in active labour for nearly 30 hours). He breast fed well straight away as well.

One thing I do wonder was caused by me not knowing when to push was that I had to have the forceps at the end - but he was nearly 10lbs in weight and they thought his shoulders might have stuck a bit. So maybe this would have happened anyway.

I am going to try my best not to have an epidural this time around.


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I had epidurals with both my kids first was an induction and we had no probs what so ever

I didn't feel any pain, I listened to midwife for when to push,pushed both out after a couple of pushes and I also felt both babies coming out minus the pain so really really enjoyed it

Only had a slight tear with DS, a year later nothing with DD

Both babies had no affect what so ever from being born with an Epidural,fed straight away,cried straight away and very alert

and I wont hesitate to have another one with this little one,

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