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Raspberry Leaf tea for AFTER delivery

Just wondering if RLT has benefits to continue drinking once you've had the baby? Since it's supposed to tone the uterus, do es that mean it would help get everything back into place afterwards?

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Yes it's very good to keep drinking it after delivery.
It'll help your uterus go back to it's normal size and reduce cramping

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Mrs Dubs
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I've heard it's also good for milk production :-)

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If you are not breastfeeding then its still good to drink. HOWEVER there is conflicting advice about drinking/taking it while BFing. Some people say it is good for milk supply, others say its bad

One that says its good:

One that says its bad(in the small column to the left of page):

"When taken after birthing, raspberry tea facilitates placental delivery, helps decrease uterine swelling, and helps prevent postpartum bleeding. Drinking raspberry tea until the time of birthing is so nutritious, it helps to ensure that the colostrum (the first breast milk) will be especially rich. However, it is not used excessively during lactation due to its astringent properties that can decrease milk supply.

I dont know, I would ask a midwife.

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