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Spotting at 31 weeks

Hey all,

I've just been to the loo and am having some light spotting at 31 weeks. Havent had sex for several weeks so know it isnt related to that - any ideas why this might be? And if I should contact mw? Baby is still moving about nicely.

Only thing to mention is that I am being treated for thrush since Monday - could it be linked to this?

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Hey...I have no idea if it could be related to thrush but i didnt want to read & run...Might be worth googling it? x

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If its bright red defo contact the MW - better to be sure.

I started bleeding and it was due to where my placenta was - defo worth checking it out for your own piece of mind - its only 2 min phone call hopefully x

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I had this yesterday too and must admit it panicked me a little so called the NHS direct and they advised me to go to the delivery suite-however I was over an hour away from my local hospital due to being at work so ended up in a different hospital.
Don't panic-all was ok, they put the heartbeat monitor on my tummy and had a feel-baby still active the whole time.
They did take an internal swab and had a look-the doctor said it can be quite normal as the cervix is starting to soften so could be that, I have to call for results of swab tomorrow but they did reassure me that it shouldn't be anything to worry about-I guess they just have to check every eventuality.

Have felt fine since and no more spotting, doctor said if it happens again then to seek medical advice again or if I notice the babies movements slow down to again seek advice.

I have been quite stressed at work and working long hours so that possibly could have had an effect but who knows!

I am sure it is fine-just resting up today and tomorrow!

I hope this helps?

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deffo get checked out hun, just to be on the safe side, everything is probably absolutely fine but its not worth the risk just leaving it.....let us know the

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