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31 weeks and severe lower backache-

What's normal at this stage as far as low back pain? I woke up today and my lower back is killing me. I'm literally getting chills it hurts so bad at times. No contraction type pains around my bump, just a constant dull back ache with occassional shooting pains.
Should I chalk this up to third tri uncomfiness or is this abnormal? I'm a first time mom so the whole pregnancy stuff is all new to me.

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I would say, as you mentioned chills, that this sounds like a UTI. Urine infections make us go hot/cold and can cause back ache and even contractions. I would see your doctor asap sweetheart x

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Ive been having strong period type pains in my lower back that sometimes feel like contractions, and it also sometimes radiates round to my lower belly and the top of my legs for almost 2 weeks. Its so so painful. Yesterday morning and night, it was in the centre of my lower back (its normally from one side to the other) and it felt so strong it was like a burning sensation kinda hard to explain..
anyway I have no idea what it could be, Ive been to the doctor twice and they have been useless, put me on antibiotics cause they said it was a urine infection but then it wasnt as the urine sample came back negative, so id been taking antibiotics for nothing.
Going back to doctors again on monday. If I was you id go to the doctor just check everything is okay, better to be safe than sorry

Sorry I wasnt much help lol x

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I would say the chills make it sound like UTI or maybe your getting sick. Id call and have them check your pee.. i get a dull back ache when i wake up if I did alot of walking or standing the previous day

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