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contractions - won't dilate

I've been having constant HORRIBLE contractions increasing in intensity the past two days. I've been sent from the hospital twice because I'm only dilated to a 1. but i do get contractions every 2 - 5 minutes. i am not sure if they are exactly the same every time, all i know is they get more and more painful the further i get through the day. could i be in preterm labor? but things just going slow? also - how do i get rid of the pain? Tylenol?

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There is not much you can do.
My contractions started at 36+4 weeks i was dilating slowly i had him at 37+3
Good luck

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hey hun, awww i feel for you, although this is my first my friend was having the same thing for nearly two weeks before shes started dilating properly, it was awful for her, in the end they brok eher waters for her and she gave birth within 2 hours, albeit not a very nice birht by the sounds of it xx

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