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Eleanor ace
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Embarased- bowel movements- but need advice!!

For the last 3 weeks I have had loose stools/upset stomach every day. I go really often- between 4-6 times a day, as opposed to once a day before! I asked my midwife about it, she said it's normal to go more often and for stools to be looser. But it feels a bit excessive! It started whilst I was on holiday (Teneriefe) and I wondered whether I could have picked up a bug but the midwife said it wouldn't go on for this long.
Basically I'm wondering whether lots of you ladies have experienced this and if there was anything you found to help the problem? I know it's not a big deal but it makes work/being out and about quite awkward! any advice would be appreciated

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I've been having this problem on and off this whole pregnancy. My OB/GYN basically told me its normal and to not take anything stronger than Milk of Magnesia. I have found that cutting greasy foods seems to help, but not much as everything seems to go right through me!

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