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Cranky and Moody - 40 wks tomorrow!

I am due tomorrow and my Doctor said I could go well over my 40 weeks I read that only 5% of women give birth on their due date? Then there are some who give birth before their 40 weeks I am just anxious to have my child already and get labor over with. Anyone with the same feelings? Lately I have been cranky and everyone, I dont mean to just that it is frustrating!

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It does get frustrating, I was 10 days over with both of babies so don't hold out much hope this time!

Try and plan things to keep you busy, even if it's just small things like a trip to a cafe for tea and cake!

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I know how you feel, I'm barely 37 and I just want this to be over with... I want to have my baby in my arms now... don't worry, have a little more patience, everything will be worth it when you have your baby with you

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im only 31 weeks and im getting fed up now, i dread to think how it must be in 9 wks time, and i too am getting cranky at the moment, i used to love people asking me about the pregnancy but now i am getting annoyed at their pregnancy related questions and ppl just wanna talk to me about my pregnancy and nothing else, its frustrating grrrr

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Ive got two days until due with absolutely no signs of anything....and yes i am very cranky....last nights sleeping was a nightmare, i can only sleep on my left side and it goes numb very quick, so im constantly shifting mucus plug yet, no show, no nothing.....grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.....i have a sweep fri.xx

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I actually feel much better since passing my due date. I've been being teased by signs and expecting the delivery to be imminent for weeks. I really didn't want to go overdue, but now I have, I've stopped worrying about it so much. The baby will come sooner or later, nothing I can do to speed things up, unfortunately!

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