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Legs pain while sleeping

This been happening since I was like 30 weeks or so... I go to sleep feeling great, no pain or discomfort... but in the night and morning right after waking up, I feel this pain in both my legs.. like tiredness combine with sharp pain all over, but as the morning goes, the pain disappears.. does any of you have had this issue? what can it be?

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ive only recently started to get this and ive been woke up a few times with really painful leg cramps awell, its fustrating cause im up more or less every hour to go pee so when i wake up in the morning im exausted and i cant have a lie in cause my legs hurt so i have to get up and walk around and start my day before they feel normal again and by that time im too awake to go back to sleep!

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I have just started to get this too! Im only 28 weeks, and I wake up early every day with achey legs, and sometimes some cramps....thought it was restless leg syndrome at first, but now not so sure...hmmm, would be nice to hear if any other ladies are having 'leg issues!' X

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Oh god I have been getting pain all down my right leg at night for over a week now. But today I had my first ever leg cramp this morning while turning over, it was too much so I woke my husband up because I didn't know how to take the pain.

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I get this! It's like a numbing, dull but persistently agonising pain in my hips and upper legs. As you describe, it's not there before bedtime, and it gradually goes over the course of the morning. But it is sore enough to keep me awake all night and to make me want to sleep on my back...

I have been told that it is my hips adjusting due to the impacts of relaxin hormone... And it seems to be kept at bay when I am on the move, but not when I am sitting still. I'm afraid it's only going to get worse...


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