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29 weeks and sharp pain in vagina

Hi ladies...
...i am full of questions lately, sorry!!!

Last week i was told that my babies head is down, and my urine is fine. For the past 2 days or so i have been getting sharp pains down below. They dont hurt as such, but they catch me off guard. Its getting alot more frequent too.

Without sounding crude, it feels as though baby is fighting his way out of my vagina, like... literally the opening!!!

Does anyone know what this could be?


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when my baby turned head down i felt insane pain it felt like sparks of a UTI and then it would be gone and I would start walking again and BOOM it was on the attack so frusterating. Baby is probably touching on all kinds of nerves! for me right now I'm getting quick terrible stretching type pains in my groin (or where my leg meets my vagina that muscle in there is killing me almost brings me to me knees)

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I have this really strong shooting pains. My boy was breach at 28 weeks and I'm assuming he still is.. so it could be because of his feet being down there. I can't say I notice if its when hes kicking or not though..xx

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ive been having this too, like shooting/stabbing pains, i was told the other day that baby is engaged and really low down and thats what is causing the pains, maybe the same for you.x

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It's when your baby is head down and is reallly really low and i believe ( could be wrong ) his head is so low that it hits your pelvic bone and causes a lot of pain! I asked my doctor because I told her i have been having the same pain down there for a while....

it hurts! and catches you off gaurd!
to me, it only happens when I am walking again

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i've had this too. It is your cervix ripening, getting ready for delivery. If you have a lot of them you should go and get checked out

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