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horrible vagina pain...

Hey Ladies...

'm in end of 7th month pregnant... this is about some nerve pain in my upper vaginal area..
During day time i dont have any pain but when i go to sleep, after few min i get this pain in my private area.. i usually keep a pillow in between my legs when i sleep. during my sleep, when i turn to other side i get this pulling pain in my upper vagina and also after i get up from bed i cant even move/walk... moreover i couldnt even raise my left leg to wear my pants...
its really getting worse.. some sort of pressure with pain is in there deeply...
what would be the reason... do anyone experienced this pain? how to get rid of this pain.. ?

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Possible Spd? x

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definitely SPD...thats what i had for around 2 weeks before i spoke to the midwife who confirmed it! sucks so much...hugs for u

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