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I see posts about percentiles all the time but I don't know what it means. How do I find out what percentile my LO is? And why do some people talk in percentages whilst others refer to 2nd and 3rd percentile? Sorry if this is a really dumb question but somehow despite all the reading etc that I do,its completely passed me by

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Percentiles are for baby's height/weight etc.

I was never given any indication of how big/little Anna was going to be.

Often these estimates are way out!!

You will know what percentile your baby is on when it is born.

If your baby is on 50th percentile then out of 100 baby's your baby would be bang in the middle.

Anna was 25th centile for weight at birth, 1st being lowest weight, 100th being heaviest, 25th being the 25th heaviest out of 100 babies. Or if you want, there would be 24 babies lighter than her and 75 heavier than her.

Anything between 1 and 100 is normal, it is if baby is outside those boundaries that is when it is worrying - a baby would only be under 1st percentile if it is born really, really early!!

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I had this same question with my doctor. I went to the doctor at 18 weeks and our baby was in the 15th-16th percentile. That meant she was a bit on the smaller side because 85 out of 100 babies of the same age were bigger than her. We were then scheduled for an additional scan because of her size and at 29 weeks she was measuring in the 5th percentile. My doctor sent me to the hospital to get additional tests and the specialist there explained that percentile is more beneficial to their records than their estimated weight because they can continue to track your baby's growth. For example, my doctor was nervous because my baby dropped from 15th percentile to 5th percentile. If she were growing like she should, she should have continued to be in the 15th percentile. Long story short, the hospital put our baby at more like the 12th percentile and everything checked out healthy. Different equipment will get different results based on the sensitivity and how many measurements they take. I think the percentile and estimated weight are based on the femur measurement, abdominal measurement and head diameter. (I think, I'm not certain!) Anyway, I hope that helps!

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If you have any measurements or estimated weight of baby from an ultrasound, you can enter here and it will give you an idea of the percentile...

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