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What does palpable mean?

At my mws apps first I was 3/5ths from the brim and then last week I was 2/5ths from brim.and now today my consultant said 3/5th this the same thing meaning baby has gone back up abit or do they meanthe other way so it would still b from the top "2/5th" of the head can be felt which means 3/5ths is palp,does that make sense lol xx

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I think it means they can feel 3/5th's ?


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Palpable means still free so the opposite of engaged. So if you are 3/5 palpable you are 2/5 engaged. Apparently the baby can engage and unengage and doesn't necessarily mean anything to do with how far labour is. At my 40 wk appointment last week I was still only 3/5 palpable as well.

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Palpable means how much of the head can still be felt not in the pelvis.
If u are 2/5ths engaged then 3/5ths would still be palpable.
This is what I've been told lol
It is a but confusing really.

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