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What can they detect from urine sample?

I gave a urine sample at my last appointment. As I was leaving, a nurse took me aside and asked for another sample because the doctor "saw something" and wanted a sterile sample to do a urine culture on, so they can be sure before they treat me. She didn't specify what. I'm worried. What could she have seen? I don't have any discomfort down there. (It's only been nearly 48 hours after my appointment and I haven't had a call from them.)

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I know they check for protein for pre eclampsia and sugar levels and any signs of infection. But not sure if anything else.

I would have thought they would call u if there was a problem but just give them a call to put your mind at rest! Hope all is ok xx

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its probably had something like white cells in it. i keep having loads in mine, they send them off and i get told to do another as they grew white cells which happens in infection but there was too much mixed growth so cant tell what it is. i know for a fact i need anotehr sample doing but my midwife hasnt rung me so im not doing one, im fed up of doing them and being told to repeat them! i try to get as much as a clean catch as i can but its not easy with a bump in the way!

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