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Mum (Mom)
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Woken up with bad right hip pain

Weird huh? Feels bruised, like ive been punched...its really achey and it makes no difference whether im laying still or moving.

Literally woke up to an achey / painful hip for no apparent reason and it hurts!!

Anyone else had this or any idea what it is?? Its actually really quite bloody uncomfortable.

Thanks guys - as Im on the cusp on 2nd / 3rd im posting this in both

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Mum (Mom)
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Yeah I've had it for weeks now. One of the ladies on here suggested folding up a spare quilt/duvet on top of your mattress and sleeping ON that - extra padding, especially if you have a hard mattress. Its helped my hip pain enormously. Not sure if its part of SPD or just due to the extra weight on our hips when we're sleeping on our sides, but it is really uncomfortable x

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