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love this!! I'm sweating in places I didn't even know had sweat glands! Thighs are the worst - sometimes I think my waters have broken, it's so damp down there!!

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I have this too - but the strange part is that I am not a small person pre-pg either (I am not huge - but definitely not small). This seems to be something that is particularily a problem during pg. One of the joys lol!

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Originally Posted by k.mcmahan2010 View Post
Hey ladies, I don't belong in this section but was being nosy, and as a larger lady I have dealt with both predicaments.

Baby powder works, but medicated powder works a million times better! Although if you are chafed at all, it stings for a second but feels sooooo good afterwards. (Not sure how true it is but I heard that you should never put powder on your thighs without panties on because it can cause some type of cancer...cervical maybe? I'm not positive)

I also wear cropped leggings if I wear a dress and will be walking around a lot or even just sitting out in the heat. So comfy.

Ok, butting out now. Hope all you ladies have a happy rest of your pregnancy and a nice (or as nice as possible) delivery. Hope to be able to *for real* post in these sections soon..... LOL
Can we use medicated powder? I was afraid to because I didn't know what made it medicated! I have heard gold bond is amazing, my brother is a larger guy and uses it a lot.

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Originally Posted by Wagamamma View Post
Asda do something called little ones liquid talc......... Its a lotion and drys as a talc, i dont have STS lol but ive been using it in the groin area after shaving and its amazing, im sure it will do the trick for chaffing
i found this product a few months ago, it only worked for a little while, now its bloody useless ad nothing will cover the sweaty smell and the chafing skin! lol

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