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39 Weeks, 2cm Dilated and Membrane Sweep!

I had my 39 week appointment with my OB today and she gave me an internal for the first time. She was impressed to find that I was 2cm dilated and did a membrane sweep. It hurt!!!

I'm just wondering if anybody else has recently had a membrane sweep, and how effective they are? Will it be more effective since I'm already a bit dilated? I'm excited!

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Hey i had a sweep last friday at 38w 5d and lost my plug over the next couple of days. Had a bit of cramping but nothing else. Had another one yesterday at 39w 3d and again lost a bit of mucus and seem to be having more braxton hicks but unfortunately nothing else. I'll keep you posted.


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I had a sweep at 36 weeks 2cm. It hurt. Had red/brown mucous for 3 days. Then it stopped. A week later at 37 weeks 3cm had another done and it did not hurt. Just had a little brown the next day. That was 3 days ago and still nothing. She said my cervix are pretty ready just a matter of getting me to contract..
Good luck to you.. Hope it works better for you then it did for me..

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