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Thanks blah ill check out thay thread now. Nov mum i will definitly be keepimg an eye on it and appreciate you posting the thinsg to try and turn bubs, gosh pregnancy can be so up and down huh!!

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That is high hun, I'm on meds for mine and have been since 20 weeks but the highest it ever went was 150/100. Coupled with the protein in your urine I'm surprised they didn't take this more seriously as possible pre-eclampsia.

With my last baby my blood pressure was fine right through but shot up at 37 weeks and they had me in for monitoring every other day until I delivered at 40+1 and they were talking about inducing me at this point anyway. If it's still high at your appointment tomorrow I would imagine you won't need to request an induction, I would think they will start considering it as an option anyway.

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