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C-section if baby is breech??

Will I have to get a C-section if baby is breech ? Im wanting to know because when the time comes and IF she is head up what do I do? Is there a way I can turn her? I do not want them trying to cut me open or anything.

If she is breech what can A mother do besides a C SECTION ???

Im going to be having my baby at a hospital, and the hospital Im going to have her in is known for there c sections.

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you can deliver a breach baby, although there is higher risk of complications and im sure the actually delivery will be slightly more hair hair-rasing, but its possible, do lots of research if thats an option.

There are lots of way to turn your baby though and you have loads of time yet anyway, there are lots of position you can do to make sure you baby is in the right position, have you got a birthing ball?

Also they can try to manaully turn the baby, research this also of needed.

Is there a reason your worried about this? most babies arnt head down at 28 weeks. my son didnt turn until about 34 weeks.

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You can go for vaginal delivery, although it will depend if your doctor agrees to this. MY baby was breech and would not turn - we went for ECV and the doctor decided he wouldn't turn, so he didn't even attempt it. They recommended I have CS because a growth scan showed LO was big, so they didn't want to risk a vaginal delivery. In the event, he wasn't that big, but I didn't like the idea of a vaginal delivery anyway - I didn't like the idea of his head still being in there, with his body hanging out - LOL. On the other hand a CS is no walk in the park and I do feel like I've missed out by not going into labour.

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My MIL always loved telling the story of delivering my husband who was breech. She always said he "kicked his way out" and she was apparently torn pretty badly! This would have been in 1974.

My baby has been transverse or breech the whole time and seems very comfortable there! But my heart condition can't support a vaginal delivery safely anyway.

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First off, if your baby is breech at 28 weeks it's really nothing to worry about just yet!

Second, check out this site, and take it seriously It's great not just for breech babies, but also for making sure your LO is in the best position for delivery.

Third, some doctors can and will deliver breech babies. Done properly it's no more traumatic or damaging than a regular vaginal birth - my understanding is the key trick is to NOT touch the baby as it comes out. I would seek out an experienced OB for this. . .

Good luck!

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speak to your OB to see if he/she does deliver breeches vaginally or not - many medical schools in the US no longer teach how to do this, so it's up to your OB's training.

also, if your baby stays breech in the next few weeks, you can try starting to visit a chiropractor who specializes in adjusting pregnant women - head-down should be the most comfortable position for your baby unless something is out of alignment, so getting an alignment can make things more comfortable for the baby.

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Some docs will do it here but it's considered high risk and there is a higher chance of complications. My LO is breech now (though I'm confident she'll turn for me!) and my son was frank breech until 35 weeks when he turned. Just in time too, as he was born 6 days later!

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You have to see if your ob does breech deliveries. My first was breech unfortunately my ob didn't deliver breeches and my daughters amniotic fluid was very low. They attempted an external version to turn her around but it was VERY PAINFUL and didn't work that's when they noticed her fluid was low and I had to schedule a cesarean.

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As others have said you can try for a version to turn the baby if you would like. My first daughter was breech and they said it was an option for me, but that they really didnt recommend it because it is painful and often doesn't work, esp for first time moms.

Personally, I wouldn't recommend delivering a breech baby. There are a lot of risks to it, and most doctors won't do it.

There are exercises you can do to turn the baby, and I've heard the exercise ball works well too.

But being as you are only 28 weeks, I wouldn't panic yet. My cousin is 35 weeks and they just started talking to her about her options of doing an ECV or csection, and he just now flipped head down. You still have plenty of time

As with anything just do your research and make an educated decision on what you choose to do

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Some hospitals may vaginally deliver breech babies.

My hospital doesnt, and we opted for an ECV to turn her, unfortunately it failed.

An ECV should be offered first before a c-section, though you do not have to go for an ECV if you do not want to. I had an ECV with my first, it is the recommended thing for breech babies at my hospital, I gave it a shot, but was unsuccessful, but glad I gave it a go as it could have avoided major surgery which a c-section is.

You still have plenty of time, though my first was breech from 28wks and never moved from that same position, this baby is doing same thing!

I tried the ball, standing on head, and many other things but LO was stuck I am sure!

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