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'popping' sensation in vagina

Hello ladies,

Recently my baby has been lying across my belly, but tonight i have been getting very odd feelings down below, and have had a lot of popping feelings in my vagina!

Does this sound normal? Could it be from where the baby has changed position? It feels very heavy and strange! Probably just because i've never had it before.

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Hmmmm.... well... the ONLY thing I can think of that sorta feels like that is when my LO kicks or punches my bladder. But that's a sharp twinge pain that only lasts a few seconds. I'm guessing it's just the way your baby is positioned that's causing that feeling (like you thought)- maybe they are rubbing against something that's causing the feeling?

Sorry... not much help. But I bet it will go away after baby moves.

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Heya, I sometimes feel like this, like theres little bubbles popping! Dont know what baby is doing up there but it feels strange!! x x x

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I had this tonight and its not thefirst time either! Literally like a big pop inside, where my pubic bone is - very weird! I wouldnt worry about it, I just let her get on with what ever shes doing in there - even had bubbling and clicking in my tum where she was laid today lol!

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