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Period cramps at 32 weeks

Are cramps at 32 weeks pregnant BH or even normal? I've been having them for a couple of days now. They are a constant cramps are go after mayb 5-10mins. I have no bleeding and can feel baby moving frequently. Should I be worried?

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I had cramps from about 32 weeks. I spoke to a doctor at the hospital and he said that it's totally normal and just a part of being preggo! He said that as long as they don't 'peak' like contractions, I'm not losing any blood or fluid then it's fine and our cervix ripening/changing.

If you are worried contact your midwife or doctor though.

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wss ^^^

I went in for monitoring at exactly 32 weeks because of the same thing. Only to find out later it's completely normal, basically your uterus is doing little.... spasms as it stretches and grows under the weight.


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It sounds fine to me, they're probably just strong Braxton Hicks contractions. They get much more intense towards the end of pregnancy and can last longer. As long as they don't peak, (as previously mentioned) get really frequent or much stronger, they should be nothing to worry about.

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