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The differences in Antenatal care/ Labor Care

I thought this might be interesting. I've done a few on objects and the differences in countries, but what about antenatal care and labour care?

At my first ever pregnancy appointment:
Doctor looked at my pregnancy test and said 'yep, your pregnant'. Then took blood ops.
He then referred me to my 10wk US.

The second appointment (that I can remember)
Got me on the scales to take weight.
Checked blood pressure.
Sent me on my way.

29wk appointment
Met a midwife. Discussed vaccinations for LO and a little about breastfeeding, gave me some brochures.
Took blood pressure. Filled out paperwork regarding hereditary factors.
Discussed a little about placenta- help-to-remove and pain relief.
Met an OB, checked fundal height. Checked due date.
Then I was outta there.

32wk Appointment
Blood pressure done. Discussed the flu vaccine - refused.
Checked feet and hand swelling.
Checked fundal height.
Gave me a 'mini' US to check bubs position and heartbeat (bub was breach).
Asked if I wanted another US- not really at the time.

So how about your experiences?

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