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Diaper Genie/ Diaper pail = worth it?

Hey ladies, I thought I saw a thread on this topic a while back but can't seem to find it now...So forgive me if it's been asked recently.
I had my baby shower last week, didn't bother registering for anything as it was mostly an opportunity to see all my friends and share some laughs. I ended up with mountains of baby clothes... Which Im very grateful for
I'm trying to buy the last few odds and ends for baby now, and I had a diaper genie on the list I made a few months back.
My question to you is: is it really worth it? We live in an apartment so to take the garbage out I have to walk through the building, through the garage to the dumpster and back...I can't imagine wanting to or bothering to dress baby and take her with me a few times a day to avoid smelly diapers in the house... Did you with previous babies use a diaper pail sort of thing? Did you find just wrapping diapers in plastic bags contained the smell enough to keep in your household kitchen garbage at least till the end of the day?
Thank you!

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I had a diaper pail for my son's diapers. It was nice at first, but in the end, it turned out to be a bigger pain in the ass than it was worth. There are other ways to keep the poop smell at a minimum...

I now just throw diapers in my bathroom garbage and take that out every day or two as needed.

If you dump the poop from the diaper into the toilet and flush it, the smell is GREATLY minimized. On top of that, you could use those scented diaper disposal bags for the poopy diapers (wet diapers don't tend to stink). If you dump the poop in the toilet, you don't have to get all thorough about it, just dump the loose stuff out, fold the diaper up and toss it. If you use the diaper disposal baggies, then you could probably just toss them in whichever garbage gets taken out the most often without any issue.

The problem I had with the diaper pail was that it still had to be taken out every 3-4 days, and it was more complicated than just pulling the bag out, tying it up, and dumping it in the dumpster. Plus when you opened the top up to throw a diaper in and especially when you were pulling the bag out, the smell was HORRIBLE. Enough to make me nearly throw up most of the time. I personally think they are a huge waste of money!

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I think they are very much worth it. Both of my brothers have used the Munchkin Arm&Hammer pail which they say works wonders and is easy to handle. So my husband and I have purchased the same one and plan on just putting the poopy diapers in it to help with the smell and wet ones can just go in the normal trash since those don't have a stink.

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So so so worth it. I love mine, I couldn't get on without it, the house would stink!

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Really depends on your situation. The layout that you described of your apartment sounds like it would be helpful. We have a small house, so it wasn't really necessary. Those with upstairs nurseries or apartment situations like you described could benefit from them.

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We have a small house and a bag of poop will stink the whole place up very quickly! Our garbage is just outside of our house but I don't think it would be convenient to have to go out there everytime we change his diapers. For this reason, I registered for one, and I know it will make life a little easier for me.

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When we used to live in an apartment complex we had the same problem with walking soooo far to the trash can. I used to put anything stinky in its own garbage bag and just set it outside the door, then once a day i'd make the trip down to the garbage can and throw all the stinky stuff away.

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We had the Diaper Champ, and it was awful. Not only did it not contain the smells, the wet diaper smell somehow seeped into the plastic and made even just changing the bag nauseating! We even emptied it every day, sometimes twice a day, and deodorized the inside of the pail regularly.
It sounds like you do need a specific place for diapers, though - maybe just a kitchen sized trash can in baby's room? That way you can buy the Febreeze scented garbage bags. As someone else said, dumping out and flushing all of the, erm, solids then wrapping the diaper in a plastic bag before throwing it away would probably do the trick.

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I've found the scented nappy bags are cheap, easy and contain the smell without any hassle. I get 150 bags for $1.50 and then toss the nappy bag into the nearest bin.

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I had one and it really bugged me... I prefer just tossing each nappy in the bin... so I would say not worth it at all!! but some people love them!

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