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Could it be?

Since about 5 30pm ive been experiencing some period type pain at the belly button height of my bump, alot of movement from LO and lower back pain. LO has also been pushing down alot and ive felt alot of pressure. Not really had anything i could say were contractions well nothing that is timeable at the mo. just feels like BH.

Im currently sat doing figure of 8 on the birthing ball but doesnt really seem to be easing things.

Does it sound like im in early labour? I'll be happy if i am but dont want to start thinking i am and nowt happens.

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sounds exactly like what i went through this past Sunday when baby was engaging into the pelvis.

hope it is the start of your labor, though - good luck!!

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When I went into labour with my DD I had period type pains, but they were quite strong - made me almost catch my breath. They only lasted a minute or so and happened once an hour for the first 3 or 4 hours.

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