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C-Section before 39wks Steroid Injection

So I was all booked in to have George on Friday...
got a call from the hospital today to say they have now changed it to Thursday!
Petrified doesnt cover it... but they have said as i will be 38+6 on Thurs when they deliver, I will need to go and have 2x steroid injections on Wednesday.
I asked what this was for and they said stuff about babys lungs etc, and after having a quick internet browse this seems quite a strange thing to have done after 37 weeks

has anyone else had this / having this / know anything about this?

I am turning into a nervous wreck right now and OH is being a right arse about everything tonite so i am not in the most positive of moods!!

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Here in the states a steroid injection is given if birth is looking like it'll happen before full term (37 weeks). I don't know a lot on the subject but I know it's to give babys lungs a jump start when born preterm. My doctor doesn't think I'll make it to my c-section scheduled at 39 weeks. In order for the doctor to arrange one earlier I would have to have an amnio to determine the developement of babys lungs. So I guess that sounds a bit right...

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Not sure hun, I'm having Mu twins via elective section Wednesday, they will ne 37+1 and am not having steriod, intact, was told I wouldn't have them after 36 weeks.

Saying that I have heard of singleton mums having it at 38 weeks. Don't know why my twins won't except twins are term at 37 weeks.

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I'm a risk for preterm labor and have a ffn test every 2 weeks until I'm 34 weeks to determine if I need steroids for the baby's lungs. After that, baby's lungs are doing what they should be doing and the steroids don't do any good, per my OB. It does seem a little odd that you're having them so late in your pregnancy, but I don't think there's any harm to the baby to have them that late.

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