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36 weeks and pain on left side stomach ...Normal ? x

Hia all
Im 36 weeks tomorrow and since last night or the night before ive had this horrible sharp pain on my left side of my stomach, seem to come on last night for a few hours then stoped, then all day today was fine, then this evening again about 6ish it started up again and has been hurting ever since. Issit all normal?
Its like a sharp pain, and makes me feel out of breath and felt abit sick earlier cos of it, i just want to know if its all normal, could it just be braxon hicks? Thanks for reading ladies x

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lauren loo
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the baby could be laying on something ? my daughter likes to lay on my ribs and it hurts so bad,then she moves and it goes away. I dont think its nothing to worry about but make sure you ask your doctor

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