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High Blood Pressure :(

hello, well I just got back from the doctors.. this week I have been seeing flashes, and dots in my eyes so mentioned this to her. She checked my blood pressure and its 150/99, she continued my exam, and checked my cervix.. 1 cm at 37 weeks yaya!!!.. anyways at the end of my exam she checked my BP again, and it was still high, so she sent me for blood work for preeclampsia and said I should hear back by the end of today, also asked that I have my BP checked twice daily and if its over 140/90 to go into early labor and delivery!!! kind of scared, do you think there is a good chance they will induce me?

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ive had this recently, my bp rose to 158/105 and my bp has never been high before! no protein in my urine though so not pre-eclampsia yet, although they do keep monitoring me for it.
i got admitted for 2 days and put on labetalol which has brought my blood pressure down and got the option of staying in as i already have a c-section booked for this wed or going home as long as i promised to take it easy and take my meds and go back to hospital every couple of days for monitoring so i chose to come home.
check ups all been reasonable so hoping to hold off until wednesday. it does not necessarily always mean induction, they will try to control it first unless pre-eclampsia develops. did they mention if you had any protein in your urine?
if it is pre-eclampsia they will most likely induce you, at your stage its perfectly safe though xxx

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At my MW appointment yesterday my BP went up to something over 103, can't remember the top number. I also had some headaches and some pains. But I went in to get bloods done and to be monitored and it came back fine.
This is the second time I had to get bloods done for high BP (first time was at about 37 weeks)
They will probably induce you if you do have preeclampsia.
Hope everything's ok though

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At my last pre-natal appt. my BP was 150 over 90 and wouldn't go down after being monitored for an hour. I was sent to the hospital and they did blood work which came back normal. Also got an ultrasound and was monitored. It started to go down but it was a scare!

I was told to drink lots of water and rest as much as possible. Put your feet up - I hope you feel better!

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With my first pregnancy, I had HBP from 32 weeks pregnant. I had bloods taken every week and they always came back normal. At 36 weeks I had protein in my urine too so I was kept in hospital overnight, and given medication to bring my blood pressure down. I was discharged the next day but monitored every few days by the MW. At 40 weeks, on due date I felt really unwell and went in, my blood pressure was still high. They sent me home and said that they were going to arrange for me to be induced in a couple of days since I was full term. I went into labour that night. xx

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I was in hospital thurs with 140/90 , had been fine up until then, i was 38 +2 then , they checked blood and urine nothing abnormal came back so they just sent me home meant to be getting 2 checks a week but not heard back yet , will have to chase them i think . Im 38 +4 now and having regular cramps ...

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