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Originally Posted by darkangel1981 View Post
Originally Posted by disney doll View Post
aptamil supposed to be more similar to breast milk.
they are all pretty much the same thing. Aptamil just seems to charge alot more cause they say its closer to BM

there are a lot of threads in formula feeding section on the different formulas.
They are all the same but none are any where near close to breastmilk.

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I wouldn't say they're both the same at all! If you compare the SMA powder to the Aptamil its a lot thicker and creamier, which is why I think it causes constipation so often.

Obviously none are gonna be the same as breastmilk that's obvious.

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Its the iron in SMA that cause the constipation.

Aptamal has alot of oils in it that others don't, whether its a good thing or not, they dont really know. It def seems to disagree with alot of babies from what i read on the FF forum.

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