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Aromatherapy oils and uses during labour and pregnancy

Her is a list i hope those who want to try will find useful......

hope this helps guys.....Kinda into using oils and if used right and you are relax they do work very effectivley

Using Essential Oils in pregnancy and labour:
Massage: Blend 2-3 drops essential oils with 10mls carrier oil
Bath: Use 4-6 drops in 5mls carrier oil or full fat milk or cream
Inhalation: Place 1 –2 drops on a tissue or pillow
Vaporisation E.g. Oil burner Place 4-6 drops of essential oils in water so that the vapours are inhaled and enter the bloodstream in this way, but I would recommend you check with the people helping you as it could be awkward for anyone working in the delivery room.

All the below oils can be used in the above ways

Helpful Essential oils in Pregnancy:

Clary sage (salvia sclarea), one of the oils you are strongly advised to stay away from during your pregnancy, Due to its labour inducing properites But can be extremely beneficial to you on the big day. It has a narcotic effect and can be used either blended into a carrier oil which your birth partner massages into your lower back, or in a warm compress pushed onto the lower abdomen or lower back – basically, where it hurts most. Another way to use it is to dab a couple of drops onto a face pad or tissue to hold to your nose/mouth when you need some relief. A good combination is clary sage with rose oil. This might be a substitute for gas and air. Just before you feel a contraction coming, breathe in deeply from your face pad, then after the contraction has passed, breathe in gently and rhythmically from the face pad.

Lavender (lavandula angustifolia)
Main properties: pain relieving, encourages cell renewal, muscle relaxant, tonic, antibacterial, antiseptic, antiviral, relaxing, anti depressant
Use for: backache, headaches and migraines, muscle and joint pain, insomnia, colds and coughs, depression, stretchmarks, infections mild sedative properties and it stimulates uterine contractions. From a study done in the midwifery group at the Ipswich Hospital in 1992, a lavender bath is recommended where 3-5 drops of lavender oil are dropped into a bath of water. The water is agitated to circulate the oil, which will evaporate within 15-20 minutes. The only safety precaution here is that there is potential access to the foetus, but this depends on when during the labour you take the bath. If you anticipate a water birth and want to use oils in the water, neat oils can cause corneal ulceration to the baby. I would advise that you ensure the oil is mixed in with a little carrier oil or milk before dispersing in water. Use up to 7 drops in two teaspoons of oil or milk.

Roman Chamomile (anthemis nobilis)
Main properties: anti-inflammatory, pain reliever, muscle relaxant, antibacterial, calming and soothing to the emotions.
Use for: backache, aches and pains, headaches, wind/colic, constipation, breast pain and swelling, cystitis, nasal congestion, dry skin, to ease worries, irritability and stress.

Frankincense (Boswellia carterii)
Main properties: pain relieving, encourages deep breathing, rejuvenating, antibacterial, comforting.
Use for: aches and pains, stress, panic, anxiety, skin tone and stretch marks, meditation

Bergamot (Citrus bergamia)
Main properties: pain relieving, anti depressant, uplifting, antibacterial
Use for: Sadness and depression, cystitis, aches and pains, colic, indigestion
NOTE: Do not apply to the skin if going out in the sun within 24hrs unless you are using Bergamot FCF (Bergaptene Free-the constituent which causes sun sensitivity)

Geranium Pelargonium graveolens
Main properties: balancing, uplifting, pain relieving, improves circulation, anti inflammatory
Use for: backache, painful swollen breasts, cystitis, swollen ankles (gently massage towards the heart), colds, sore throats, infections

Neroli (citrus aurantium)
Main properties: antidepressant, antiseptic, digestive, sedative
Use for: digestion, wind/colic, constipation, diarrhoea, stress, depression, fear, anxiety, insomnia, stretchmarks
NOTE: Neroli is an expensive oil but well worth the investment for during pregnancy and when in labour. If there is one time to use neroli, it is in pregnancy!

Jasmine oil ( jasminum officinale) is a heavy, strongly scented oil and, for that reason should be used in small amounts. Another expensive oil (though not as costly as rose otto) it can be useful at the final stage of labour where there is no risk to the baby, and you want the baby to move out. It helps to calm the labour pains, but more than that, it can help with expulsion of the placenta. Not to be used before labour

Other useful essential oils include sandalwood, petitgrain (neroli’s ‘cousin’), rose, orange, vertivert, rosewood.
Rose otto, like neroli is an expensive oil, however its benefits are numerous and is particularly suited to use in pregnancy and labour. Rather than purchasing undiluted essential oils, you may consider a pre-blended massage oil that includes neroli and/ or rose.

Essential oils can be used when in labour to help relieve pain and cramps, aid breathing and for their relaxing and calming properties.

A suggested massage oil blend especially for backache in labour:
30mls carrier oil (such as sunflower or sweet almond oil)
4 drops lavender
2 drops roman chamomile
2 drops frankincense

A suggested massage oil blend to ease stress and promote relaxation, as well as relieve pain:
30mls carrier oil
2 drops neroli (or 3 drops petitgrain)
2 drops frankincense
3 drops lavender
1 drop bergamot

Hope this may be off interest to some of you ladies.....

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Great thread! Thanks for posting.

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Anything that makes labour a little more comfortable and bearable im up for and being able to share the info with all you ladies is an added bonus......

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This is great aurora32! Would you like to add this post over in the I know a few girls who don't always make it over here that would love this help. Also would make for a great reference to go back to.

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Thank you! A very interesting read.

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