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It will depend on more then one thing for me. How I feel and the weather. The weather here has been so crazy who knows what it will be like. I don't think I would be able to handle not going anywhere for 6 weeks.

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As you can see everyone is given different advice.

My baby and I will be out and about immediately. I told my pediatrician we will be taking a flight at about 4 weeks and she was cool with it. The only advice I got was for international travel. She said I should try and wait till she's two months but it's not a hard and fast rule.

I'm also having a meet the baby party at about 4 weeks (that's what the plane ride is for) so obviously you can see I'm not worried much about germs or whatever.

Just do what makes you comfortable.

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The best advise I can give was given to me by my pregnancy counsellor.

Don't hold off going out. Babies love new noise, sights, etc. If you're concerned about people touching your baby, just tell them politely that you would prefer that they didn't. You are allowed!

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