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blood test results back - low blood sugar glucose

Got called back to do repeat bloods at the hospital yesterday as my glucose ones from my 29 week midwife appointment came back as needing to be retested.

Got a call from the doctor at the hospital today saying my blood sugar/glucose level is too low, i'm guessing thats the opposite of diabetes, mine is 2.9 and it should be between 4 and 9 [i think].

He said not to worry too much but call my doctor on monday and get an appointment to talk to him about what to do etc, and i'll need my bloods re-doing he also said to try eating more sugary foods [now I don't need to be told twice about doing that, I was trying to be good but now i'm going to go for it - joke].

Anybody else had the same thing?

Kez x

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Mum (Mom)
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i hoep all is ok. I had to get my iron tested again with my son (they phoned me and i was really panicking) but it turned out the blood had just clotted b4 it reached to get tested. All the best

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Hope all is okay!

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