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Has anyone else felt baby engaging?

I think that's what I'm feeling but can't be sure sharp shooting pains in my cervix and all this overwhelming pressure low down like she's trying to force her head out! Also keep feeling like I could wet myself that pressure hurts quite a bit too, I have to breathe through it til it goes. But I don't think any BH's...
Anyone feel something similar? Is it baby engaging or just because she's getting bigger?

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I keel getting this too and asked my MW is it baby engaging and all as she said was 'well they pop their heads in and out all the time' hmm thanks for that 

This is my 2nd and didn't get any of these types of pains with my first until 36-37 weeks. So I'm confused too.

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I had quite similar pains the other week, when I asked my midwife she said it 'could be' the baby just getting bigger and not having as much room to move around....

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Would 31 weeks be too soon for this cos I think ive had it this week. The sharp stabby pains in my foo foo have been regular all week?x

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