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39 weeks and lost mucus plug!

I am 39 weeks today and lost my mucus plug this morning! Since last night I've been getting increased in braxton hicks contractions (anywhere from 8-25 min apart). At my appointment 4 days ago I was 70% effaced and 1.5cm dilated (50% and 1/2cm the week before) also I lost 2 lbs. I've been having an increase in pelvic pressure and the head is low. I know these all point in the right direction but I'm just wondering for those moms that are not first time moms like me, how long was it before labor after losing the plug? I know you can lose it earlier on and it can regenerate or take a couple weeks but if you lose it at 39 weeks I think it's more likely labor is on its way?? Any input would be great! Feeling so anxious just waiting...........

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Just want to say good luck i was induced so slightly different but i was having contractions pretty much after i lost my plug, xxx

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