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29 weeks- cramps and diarrhea (tmi!)

So I started having loose stools last night with a little bit of cramping, didn't think too much of it... then today I had EXPLOSIVE (excuse me) diarrhea along with very painful cramps, which then led to me feeling BH contractions, feeling like the typical BH but a little more crampy like AF and in the lower back... with the tightness of the tummy and everything. I have been having those come and go for about the last 4 hours, but I've been drinking lots of water and they seem to have calmed down a bit. Doctor says to either go in to L&D if I'm worried or wait until tomorrow to go into the office to be checked out if it's still continuing. I'm hoping that I just ate something funky and that it will pass, but things I have read about scare me, like how having diarrhea is sometimes a sign of "clearing out" for labor to start. I have always had constipation so this is the complete opposite for me. Can normal hormonal stuff cause this diarrhea? Anyone have this around this time?

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I havent experienced this. But I would probably go into the hospital, it is always better to be safe. Even if its not the beginning of labor it could cause dehydration if its been going on for awhile. It never hurts to get checked out.

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It's probably just something you ate that didn't agree with your stomach...I wouldn't be worried unless the cramping becomes worse and come 3-5 min apart.

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I would go get checked if you are only 29 weeks. It might be nothing, but if it is early labor, the sooner they catch it the more chance that they can stop/delay it.

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