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bleeding after sex at 36 +3 weeks?????

ok so this morn me and hubby had sex and straight away there was blood. (not a gush or anything) then i went to the toilet 2/3 after this and there was still blood when i wiped. rang midwife saying i also had tightenings but not in pain. was just advised to ring back if i had more bleeding with pain. so dont know if it was ashow or just blood spotting or if things might be starting ?????
anyone else had thing happen?

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What is the color of the blood? if it is old brownish red, you maybe just losing some mucus plug, or having the bloody show. If it is fresh bright red, it has to be taken more seriously.

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I think you can rupture something during sex.. but as far as I am aware unless the blood is coming out in a significant amount its nothing to worry about. Some women get it when they try to poo aswell. Burst blood vessels in the cervix I think but don't quote me on it. Just keep an eye out x

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hmmm I'm not sure...if its a little bit of blood i wouldn't think its a big deal...but you could very well have just started labour for yourself...not sure...but I can't see how sex would cause a serious problem at all! Your cervix will be super sensitive at the moment as it prepares to dialate and get ready for baby to exit. So thats probably all it is.

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There is loads of blood sacs on your cervix which can randomly burst or burst because of this, nothing to worry over

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It can either be from the cervix and nothing to worry about. Or it can be related to the placenta. I have a low lying placenta and was told that random bleeding is likely in which case I have to get it checked out as it can be dangerous.

Im surprised MW brushed it off so easily....

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