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Can I just add ladies that I was in for CTG monitoring the DAY BEFORE this happened and I had a perfect trace with lots of movements. It just shows how quick things can develop.
I was told by the midwives there's is usually a window of opportunity for delivery - we just need to recognise it and act upon it.

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Thank you SO much for sharing your experience and for 'bumping it' for those of us new to 3rd Trimester - I am totally new to the whole pregnancy/birth experience (I don't really know many people with babies, and this is my first pregnancy even though I'm in my late 30's now).
I would not have known to go to hospital with these symptoms, and no-one's told me to look out for them - so many thanks for the education. I don't seem to get much info from midwives at all.
I'm so relieved that all is well with you and your little girl, thanks to your quick action.

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Thankyou for sharing hun thankgod you are both doing brill

I wouldn't have known any of this, my bubs was quiet the other week and I didn't ring MW as I didn't want them thinking I was just being paranoid.

This is my 1st pregnancy & I'm in my late 30's too so don't really know anything, it's only my Junebug pals that I really chat to about it

My MW told me off for not ringing and said if anything changes to call straight away.

So thankyou again for sharing and congratulations, your little girl is beautiful. Take care xxxx

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Thanks for sharing this !!! highlights never ignor worries you may have!!

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And can u blieve today they only listened to baby hb and didnt do fetal monitorin as i am due to have it done wenesday They really upset me so much i have sorted out swappin hospitals

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Thanks for bumping this up for girls who may be unaware. I went to my mw at 28 weeks saying i hadnt felt movement, the put me on the monitor and told me baby was moving i just wasnt feeling it, i asked to have a scan and they refused within a week i found out my baby had died, something to do with the placenta and cord - the consultant told me after that if the mw had scanned me then they would have seen what was happening and got her out before her heart stopped This time round im gonna make a big fuss - luckily my new mw is very understanding and told me when i reach that time again she'll have me in for regular scans specifically to keep an eye on the placenta and cord.

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Wow how scary, thank you for sharing! When I feel a bit worried or can't feel movements or haven't for a while, I throw the doppler on which always relieves my concerns!

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hiya I had reduced fetal movements for about 4 days and really sharp stabbing pains so went to the hospital and she decided to kick me loads they put me on a heart moniter and that came out fine but it showed that she had moved and I hadn't felt it? And doctor said it was because there is the fluid surrounding her but I'm 28 weeks now so wouldn't I feel all movements? He said that he thought also that I had a urnine infection which is weird because I have had a urnin infection before and it doesn't give me horrible stomach cramps but I am taking antibiotics but I asked if it would be possible to get a scan and the midwife said no and I feel that they should? X

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Thanks for posting this and so glad you and your daughter are ok.
I went into hospital with my last pregnancy at 37 weeks because I hadn't felt my son move like he usually did.
They did a trace and picked up his HB and said everything was ok.
I was back in 2 weeks later with same problem,I just felt something wasn't right.
His HB had dropped and he was up and down with it so they induced me and had a HB clip attached to his head inside me in case they need to do emergency section.

Always always follow your instincts ladies,you aren't being daft.
Thats what the MW's and DRs are there for.

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Originally Posted by keldac View Post
Originally Posted by JeffsWife07 View Post
Thanks for posting.

I'm glad you all are ok.
What is a code Red crash section 7?
It is a mega emergency c-section! I was thrown into a wheel chair and stripped naked down a corridor, put on a bed and told to breath into a mask. All this took less than a couple of minutes from me enetering the labour ward.

From walking into labour ward for a check to Mikaylas arrival took less than 10 minutes!
OMG... wow... glad it turned out fine... amazing woman!