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41 weeks and no signs of labor

Please help!! I am 41 weeks along and he doesn't want to come out still. I went to the doc on thurs. and I am barely 1 cm dilated. The doc is going to induce me on wed. and that just makes me more worried, as she wants to induce whether or not I want to be induced. I'm so worried, and I have tried everything.

I would have sex, but it's just uncomfortable and it REALLY hurts right now.

I've been trying 3 to 5 cups of red raspberry leaf tea, and eating pineapple.

I don't have the money to spare on a professional massage, acupressure, or acupuncture, and I really REALLY don't want to be induced. I know everyone has their own opinion on it, but I just really don't want to.

Anyone who has any suggestions on the matter would help so much right now. I can't even relax now, which I know is bad for labor.

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might be too much TMI but you don't have to have full on rampant sex to get what's needed here

Pleasure him, or him do it himself even then inside you for the last minute, job done LOL!

Have you got a birthing ball~? If not I'd suggest one and get bouncing on that to get baby moving around on your cervix!

Hot curries..... Oh and drive over lots of speed bumps!!! Good luck!

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where do you live? In the uk you cant be forced to have an induction if baby is healthy no matter how late you are. If you can face it i would give sex a try though hun-its not comfy but prob the best thing. X

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