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momo, this was exactly why this thread was started-to help and inspire new preemie mums like you. It's great to see your lil rock star is doing so well xxxx

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Originally Posted by momo51519 View Post
ok ladies I am bawling!! These pics have really helped me!! I feel so lost without my daughter not at home with me! She is only three weeks old and was born at 25 weeks 1 day, weighing at 1lb 7ounces. I feel like time is going by so slowly. I have three other kids well two of them live with me so I am not there everyday but every other day!! Its just hard! But these photos have helped I just wanted to say thanks for these!

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Ah my word what beautiful little babies.

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I already posted here, but wanted to add one side by side (if I can do it right anyway lol) that I took notice of since I printed all my pics and am putting them in albums. They're both of Leah in the Rock n' Play sleeper and the amount of space she takes up in it is so dramatic between the two pics, thought it may help encourage new NICU moms :

resized 2.jpg resized 3.jpg


The first two are the day she came home and the bottom one is about two weeks ago - in the SAME rocker.

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Tyler was born at 32 weeks (we think) drs said 32 weeks by my scan dates but my dates he would have been born around 35 weeks. he weighed 5lb 5oz.

i was 17 when i found out i was pregnant. i was shocked. i had a great pregnancy, until 30weeks (drs dates) i had a small bleed, n pains. but the hopsital kept me in all weekend until the bleeding stopped and i had 2 shots of the steroids in case he came early. 2 weeks later (32weeks) i started to get really really bad back ache. i thought i was in labour but my mum and FOB thought nothing of it and left me home all day on my own. mum came back and i was on the sofa in agony. she tok me to the hospital and they put me on the monitor to xheck for contractions - Nothing! so MW was like i'll give u an internal but i dont think ur in labour. so she did the internal and i was 4cm dilated. q panic from everyone. got took to delivery suite at 6pm. i had NO contractions in my bely at all, it was all in my back cuz he was back to back.

i really struggled to push him out so they cut me 3 times. i laboured with g&a and pethadine.

he was finally born on Sunday 28th November 2004 at 7.40am. he looked massive but he wasnt. he wouldnt feed, but because he was early they thought it was just hom beng slow. he had a coned shaped head from where i coudnt push him out, so they thought he had an headache later on he started bleeting like a lamb so they decided to take him to scbu.

i got a picture of him

i went to bed at 7pm as i was exhausted. at 3am the dr came & said he had got worse and needed transferring to another hospital to be ventlated & did i want to go and see him whilst they stabalise him. i said no. i was scared and alone and didnt know what i was going to see. but i rang my mum and she lianen go and see him because if anything does happen to him u'll never forgive urself. so i did.
the sight i saw wasnt very nice but i sat on a stool and watched them stabalise him.
a special ambulance came and picked him p and took him, i had to wave bye to him. i couldnt go because there wasnt enough room in the ambulance. tht was the hardest thing ive ever had to do. ddnt know if i'd see him alive again.

the next day i told the mw i wanted to go, i wanted to go to my baby. they eventually agreed. he had been ventilated because his lungs still wasnt developed properly. i didnt quite understand why when he had had the steroids
he had a brain scan to check for bleeding but tht wasall ok.

he did really well after tht. he got transferred back to the hospital nearer home after he came off the ventilator and was on just oxygen and a feeding tube.

he came home on the 16th december 2004. so pretty impressive really.

he is now 8years old. he has had operations tho which arnt anything to do with being prem but i really feel tht its always been a run of bad luck for Tyler.

operations -
8 months - blocked bowel (we almost lost him, drs thought i was being paranoid and said he had a tummy bug. turns ut his bowel was blocked.
he had an op to try n blow the bowel out which didnt work so he had open surgery on his tummy)

aged 1 - grommits
aged 3 - squint operation.
aged 4 - grommits & adenoids
aged 7 - his balls hadnt dropped
aged 7 - grommits out, tonsils out, repaired ear drums.

he has hearing loss in his ears and we have an oppointment on the 31st on jan to see if he will need hearing aids.
he sill need glasses in the future but the optician said because he doesnt struggle with school work he is ok for now.

heres some pictures -

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Hi all! I have 3 preemies to introduce!

After years of infertility, some nasty medical tests, and massive fertility drugs, my husband and I were thrilled to find out we were pregnant... and with twins!!! The doctor told us not to get too attached to the pregnancy as he said I would not be able to carry twins. I bled throughout the first 16 weeks then a scan at 25 weeks (checking for a placenta problem) showed my cervix had thinned to less than 1cm. I was immediately hospitalized on strict bedrest. The cervix held out until 33 weeks when my boy/girl twins entered the world at 4lbs 8oz (James) and 4lb 6oz (Kaylen). They had no breathing issues and spent 3 weeks in the NICU. They are 16 months old now... small for their age but perfect!

We thought our family was complete as I was not prepared to go through fertility treatments again but... 6 months after the twins were born I discovered I was pregnant!! And already 2 months along!! The pregnancy was perfect this time, no bleeding, nothing... Until my water broke at 23 weeks. When Reese was born, I couldn't begin to imagine how someone so tiny could survive. She was 1lb 6 oz and not quite 12 inches long. Each day was a blessing as we watched her struggle and beat all the odds. She was ventilated for almost 6 weeks then had c-pap, high flow O2 and then low flow (which she came home with). She had a mild brain bleed which reabsorbed without causing any problems, a heart issue which resolved itself, some bowel issues which also resolved without need for surgery, and mild ROP which didn't require laser. She is a happy 6 month old and is the most wonderful miracle... twice.

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Hope these photos don't turn out huge!

I've had 2 preemies due to pre-eclampsia, well my first was 'just' preemie at 36weeks, weighing 5lb 1oz, he's now 4y8m, he never had any problems at all, no scbu, no development delays, nothing

My daughter, was born at exactly 33weeks, weighing 4lb 9oz, she's now 9 months old and doing great! she was on nicu for 2 days and scbu for 12days, she's had some delays, couldn't hold head until just over 5months, late at weaning, late grasping things, didnt sit until 8months and only rolled last week just before turning 9months, she's coming on great tho

1st pic is my son just born, 2nd him at 4yrs, 3rd my daughter just born, 4th her at nine months and the last is them both together x

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Sean Allen was born March 28th, 2013 at 9:34 am. He was 33 weeks, 5 days.

I went to my 31 weeks MW appointment, and there was a little blood & trace protein in my urine, BP slightly elevated. MW had me come in at 32 weeks. At 32 weeks. The protein was gone, and my BP was on the upper limit of normal. That was a wednesday. She instructed me to track my BP at home. It was borderline high, getting several 149/85 type readings - high, but not emergency high. But saturday night, I got some super high readings, in the 150s and 160s. I was put on strict bed rest all day Sunday. My BP stayed down-ish as long as I was in bed. Monday I went to work, I had an important meeting. I made an appointment with a doctor because at this point I was seeing a homebirth midwife. I went in the office and it was not alarmingly high, but when he saw my readings over the weekend he put me in for observation. Long story short, epic amounts of protein in my urine took my preeclampsia from preeclampsia to severe preeclampsia. I was induced Tuesday night by Foley bulb, pitocin and mag sulfate started at 6 am, never progressed past 5cm. EMCS Thursday morning, after 36 hours of labor.

I was unable to see LO until Friday around 12:00. I got to see him for a brief few minutes. My DH and sister got to see him before me, which hurt so much.

My first kangaroo care, 2 days old:

His first day breastfeeding:

Going home from the hospital:

Seeing great grandparents, officially adjusted age born/6 weeks actual:

4.5 months actual, 3 months adj:

7.5 actual/6 adj:

Just before his 1st birthday, 10.5 m adjusted:

He was diagnosed with iron deficient anemia at his 12 month appointment. Follow up at 6 weeks after supplementation and his results are much improved and he gained 2 lbs!

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Right after he was born

2 weeks old..just off the vent

16 weeks

Yesterday 4 1/2 months

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*bumping for updates!*

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