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Then & Now - our preemies

I thought a sticky like this would bring inspiration and hope to others browsing the forum. I'm sure we all remember what it was like in the early days, wishing we had a crystal ball. And of course - Google isn't always a friend

Feel free to post your stories, pictures and update your entry in the future(using the edit function on your entry), and I hope this thread helps someone out there.


Guess I'll start

Alex was born at 27+4. We didn't know we were going to have an early arrival! From strange pains that no-one knew what they were, to discover I was in labour, 9cm dilated, all in a few hours.

Our little girl Alex was born at 2lb 14oz, a good weight for her gestation, and spent a few days on a ventilator before progressing to CPAP.
She had a Grade 4 IVH, which caused fluid to build up and it was a worrying time wondering if she would need a shunt to drain it. She didn't need it in the end.

We spent 11 and a half weeks in neonatal, and returned 5 weeks later for an overnight stay so she could have laser eye surgery. Her eye test had shown ROP The process was quick and she was fine after waking up, and we got to take her home again and carry on as a family.

Alex is 5. She's just been diagnosed with autism and they are considering ADHD too. She has done fantastically, albeit delayed in most areas, but we have had great support educationally. She has limited speech which is improving thanks to sign language. Alex also wears glasses as a result of the ROP (well....when she tolerates them ) She throws up a lot, since she got home, and we have no idea if this is reflux or not, which is hard work, and no-one can seem to work out what's causing this!

Alex also has a little sister now(3 years), and she was full term. They are fabulous together!

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My twins were delivered via C-Section at 34+1 due to ongoing placental sharing issues which resulted in Twin 2 not growing at all between 32-34 weeks and going into distress. They weighed in at 5lbs 13oz & 18.5" (twin 1) and 4lbs 7oz and 17.3" (twin 2). They spent 3 weeks in the SCN nursery for a little jaundice, learning to suck and as feeders and growers. I had two shots of steriods before they were born so they were breathing fine on their own.

They are now 5, 6 in October. Time has just flown by. We battled reflux when they were babies, food refusal and speech therapy at 4 for talking in twin talk and knowing minimal "actual" words. They have been discharged from speech therapy recently - they are up with in a normal range for speech for their age and I couldn't be any prouder! They are still fussy when it comes to food, but otherwise they are happy healthy little guys! There is also still a 2lbs+ and a 1" gap in height and weight, with the bigger twin still being well, bigger lol.
They also have a full term little sister who is 14 months old today. I love my little family to bits

Twin 1, 1 day:

Twin 2, 1 day:

Together again at 11 days old, (t2 our left, t1 our right):

5 years old (t2 our left, t1 our right):

And I've come back to update finally! They're now 9 years old! And still love soccer (t2 left, t1 right)

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I experienced Pprom when I was 28+4 weeks pregnant. Labour held off for several days which gave the Drs time to pump me full of antibiotics and steroids to help her little lungs develop quicker. I was on complete bed rest and not allowed to even get up to shower.

I started labour on Sunday night and Monday morning Keira was born a tiny 1360 grams.

It was with relief that I heard her tiny little cries, I knew that meant she could breathe a little on her own. When I finally got to see her in the NICU she had tubes everywhere and was on cpap. Later she was under double bili lights. They found a slight bleed on the right side of the brain but we were told it wasn't severe. 4 days later she came off Cpap and two days after that she was completely done with the bili lights.

We were very fortunate that she was such a strong little girl and did so well in the NICU. She quickly graduated into the level 2 nursery to feed and grow and after 7 long weeks she came home.

She is still a very tiny baby, even for her adjusted age, but she is doing so well. If it weren't for her size there are very few clues that she should only be 3 months and not 6.

This is her today at 6 months actual and 3 Months 2 weeks and a day adjusted.

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About me

I knew there was something wrong when I reached 27weeks, being my 2nd baby I noticed the kicks and movements stopped. My feet swelled up too.

I had a home Doppler so listened to HB and heard baby was well inside, had a 28week appointment the week later to left it till then.
At my appointment the mw tested my bp and urine to find my bp was very high and I had protein in my urine. She asked about other symptoms so I told her about my lack of movement (hadnt had any kicks since 27weeks) but she didn't seem concerned, just told me I was 'looser' in there?

She came to my house next day and my bp was higher and I had more protein.
Still she did nothing, told me to take a urine sample to my antenatal clinic that day and go see her in a weeks time.

Took my sample to the clinic, they called me within hours to tell me to go to hospital and to take an overnight bag.

Upon arrival they had me hooked up and telling me I had pre eclampsia and was in great danger of seizing or having a stroke because my bp was sky high.
I had a nurse sit with my throu the night, giving me bp meds all night, I wasn't even allowed to go to sleep. In the early hours they said I was stable and could have some sleep.
In the morning I was scanned and told my baby was clinging to life, she had stopped growing for a while and was very small and sick. My cord wasn't working and she needed to be delivered within the next few days.

They gave me steroids and hooked me up to a blood pressure machine that tracked my bp automatically every half hour.
Also having babys heart rate checked the whole time and they then noticed her heart rate kept dropping

Decided there and then to deliver her.

She was born at 28+6 weighing 1lb 8oz.

She was whisked away so quick I didn't get to see her and it was 6hours b4 I was recovered enought to visit the nicu.

She stayed in the unit for just over 8 weeks and had a fairly smooth easy ride.
At the time though I didn't know it was going to be so smooth, I was terrified of something happening, things came up and sounded like they would be bad but they either weren't as bad as they thought or she fought through it.

She came home weighing 3lb 10oz at 37week gestation.

This is her A few days old

This was her the week b4 she got home

This is her now at 14months old

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Edited following threats and harassment

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Holly & Rebecca were born at 25+2 weighing 1lb 7oz & 1lb 6oz. It is a blessing I got to a point where they were viable because at 21 weeks I was on a business trip which ended with me in hospital being told I was dilated with membranes bulging. They could not see any cervix so was told I would labour within 24 hours. I spent the rest of the day panicking I would go into labour while my husband was travelling and have to deliver on my own. 4 days later I was still in the delivery suite and no signs of labour so a different consultant agreed to try pushing my membranes back in and putting a stitch in which was done at 21+5. I was on complete bedrest only allowed up to go the bathroom and to have a shower sitting down. I had blood taken everyday as CRP levels were all over the place and nearly induced at Xmas Eve and New Years day but thankfully as I was looking and feeling fine they done 4 hour obs morning & night. Eventually I went into labour naturally which was triggered by an infection.

Holly was twin 1 and was born breech. That night the consultant told us she had a grade IV IVH on her left side and a small bleed on the right. They said due to the size of the one on the left if she had a further large bleed on the right they would recommend turning off her life support so the next 2 weeks were critical. The next day they discovered her arm was broken from the delivery as she had it wrapped around her head when I was delivering! At 7 weeks old she had her own private plane to take her our home town and she remained there until 2 days before her due date when she came home. She is 2 1/2 today and she is doing great. She is signed off neonatal but I have requested she is kept on with paediatric community incase her bleed shows any problems at school age although to date she has no issues.

Rebecca was twin 2 and despite being the stronger twin when they were first born and having quite good Apgar readings they said she had been difficult to ventilate and the next day the pressures on the ventilator were going up and her blood still wasn't getting enough oxygen. They moved her onto the oscillator in the evening but she was deteriorating and that evening we were told they couldn't do anymore and she passed away in my arms.

Holly a day old:
Holly few days.jpg

Holly Now:


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After having 3 big full term babies, it was a huge shock when my membranes ruptured at 23+3. Anya arrived 3 days later at 23+6, weighing 1lb 7oz. She spent 136 days in the neonatal unit, at Simpson's, Edinburgh. She was on the vent for 5.5weeks, BiPAP/CPAP for 8 weeks, and came home on 02 via nasal cannula. She had a Grade IV IVH, laser surgery for ROP, and has chronic lung disease due to the vent. Anya has mild hemiplegia due to the IVH, but is doing fab, and just took her first aided steps today, at 20 months actual. She sees a physio every 3 weeks, OT every month, eyes checked every 6 months, paed consultant every 6 months, speech therapist every 6 months and hearing is being kept an eye on.

This is Anya then & now.

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I had the easiest pregnancy in the world, right up to 26 weeks. I wondered why anyone complained about being pregnant.

I took a business trip to London at 26 weeks and my world came crashing down. I started bleeding and basically didn't really stop. After a week at St Thomas' Hospital they sent me home and a week later I was back in Stirling with more bleeding. At 29 weeks my waters broke and an hour later I lost another 2 pints of blood. Taking no chances they went in to get Abby out and she was born 11 weeks early weighing 3lbs 7oz. Thankfully I'd had the steroid injections and her wee lungs were fighting fit. 6 fairly uneventful weeks later we got to take her home.

She is now 3 years old and has cerebral palsy. We've been lucky that it is only her lower limbs which are affected and in every other way she is absolutely perfect. Incredibly bright, funny and chatty, she amazes us with what she can do. The journey so far has made myself and Mr Foo stronger than we thought we could be both individually and as a couple.

a few days old.

(and Funty) aged 2 and a half

showing off her snazzy nails

on her 3rd birthday.

Abby (and funty....) has become a bit of a star on facebook, her winning personality will hopefully see her through what may well be a very difficult life.

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Our story starts at 28 weeks, pregnancy had been pretty ok up until that point, then I suddently started getting sweeling in my feet & ankles, I got checked out, my BP was slightly raised but they just kept doing it until they got a 'nice' reading then sent me on my way, over the next 2 weeks the swelling got worse, I got checked out 2 more times, again BP raised but done over and over until nice reading, and just kept getting told it was normal. at 30 weeks we went to my parents for new year and myself & little man ended up staying as I was so swollen and in so much pain I couldn't care for my toddler, my legs would literally swell by 2 inches each during the day. On Jan 12th I went to the hospital for a regular 32 week appointment, by this time my whole body was swollen, I can hardly move. They checked my urine which showed 3+ protein & 3+ blood, my BP was 145/105, within half hour I was up on pre & post natal ward, they came took bloods which showed my liver had stopped working, my kidneys had stopped working and my clotting was totally out, they disagnosed HELLP syndrome, gave me steroids and in the space of a couple of hours od repeat BP's & bloods we went from 'lets keep this baby in 2 more weeks ..... to, this baby is coming out at soon as you hit 24 hours post steroids'

I was started on a number of medications for blood pressure and to prevent fitting as the swelling had started to spread to my brain. I was transfered to delivery suite.

The following day they tried to induce labour but they would only give me 4 hours, after 4 hours I was only just starting to get contractions, I was totally out of it because my body was full of toxin and just plain old exhausted. So 24 hours after steroids we were taken to theatre and they delivered our little dude ..... Friday 13th Jan at 15.15

He was 3lb 11.5oz. On day 2 they started CPAP and on day 3 he took a turn for the worse and required ventilating and a chest drain. The hospital we were at don't take ventilated babies so he was transfered to another hospital. Within days he started to turn a corner and come on leaps and bounds. Onday 10 he was down to 3lb 4 but quickly picked up again, he was discharged at 4 weeks old & 4lb 2oz

He is now 6 months old and 13lb 7, he is doing great, he has a hernia which he requires surgery on ASAP so waiting for an appointment for that, but other than that we have been very very lucky.

First Picture

Day 3

Tiny Tiny

Coming home! 4 weeks old

6 Months old!


New items always being added!
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I had identical twin boys delivered by c-section at 32.4 weeks due to twin 2 falling behind in growth and restricted blood flow from the placenta. Twin 1 was 4lb 6 oz and twin 2 was 3lb 1oz. They were fine when they were born, twin 1 was the only 1 who had a little c papp once he got upstairs. they spend 2 weeks in intensive care. Twin 1 spent a week in special care unit and got home. Twin 2 spent 3 weeks in special care as he was smaller he got very tired sucking. finally had them both home together at 5 weeks old.

first 3 pics were a few hours old ,last 1 was lastweek at 7 weeks old

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