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Baby born at 27 weeks

Hello I posted a thread on here on monday about my mums waters breaking.

She held out until 27 weeks and gave birth on Sunday.

She had a beautiful baby girl and she weighed 2lbs.. She is to tiny but perfect..

Just wondering if you know roughly how long she will be in ICU and hospital. I know every baby develops differntly and I think she is definently a fighter!!

I just feel so guilty.. U may know Im pregnant too and I have only 2 weeks left and ill be able to take mine home... it just doesnt seem fair..

Has anybody else had a baby at this gestation and they are healthy?


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i remember reading that post congratulations to your mum cant really answer your question sorry just wanted to send congrats xx

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Congrats to your mum My 28 weeker got home at almost 36 weeks so 8 weeks, I wouldnt have thought she'd be home before 35 weeks but my daughter who was born at 31+4 got home at 34+4

It will depend on how stable she is, these little ones condition can vary from hour to hour and sometimes they just never look back

Awww you have a baby sister, congrats to you too

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Posts: 18,121 Dona,s little fighter was born at 27 weeks here is her dairy xxx

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My baby was born at 29 weeks and he went home during his 35th week. Yes, every baby is different...mine was a fighter too, and they said he won't have any long-term issues - just the short-term preemie issues, such as severe reflux and such.

It will be hard for her when you bring yours home but just remember that for as hard as it is for us who have to leave our babies in the hospital until they are ready to come home, we would never wish on anyone else that experience...and we all rejoice with you in a healthy delivery and healthy baby!!

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Hey there, my little Archie was born at exactly 27 weeks gestation and weighed in at 2lb 6oz. Like Serina27 has said, you and your Mum can read Archie's journal. He is now 37 weeks and I don't think he will be home until his due date. This is due to him being still on oxygen and bad reflux. Gilrs do better than boys and Archie's girlfriend Ava born at 27 weeks got home at 34 weeks.

Every baby is different. She can't compare her little one to anyone else's which is extremely hard. If you or her would like to chat please PM me, my door is always open. Your Mum will need to speak to other Mum's who have been in the same position sometime in her little ones journey.


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I didn't want to read and run so I just wanted to say congratulations to your mum and I hope everything goes well and baba is home soon x x x x

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i hope all goes well and congrats!

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hi, i've just signed up to here and saw your post, 1st of all i'd like to say congratulations to your mum and yourself x i've got a little girl born at 31weeks 2lb 7oz but she stopped growing at 28 weeks and she stayed in hospital for 6 weeks then 2 years later i had my little boy at 27 weeks weighing 2lb 2oz and he was in for 10 weeks so it does depend on the baby and the 1 factor i was told is that i was given steroids to open my daughters lungs but didn't have time to have them with my son which is some of the reason why he was in longer x hope this helps you a little with your question x keep strong x x x

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