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Huge Congrats Hun glad you made it that far! He was a good weight as well xx

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Congratulations on your wonderful news! X

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Short Cervix from 28 weeks

Just wanted to offer some reassurance to anyone who has been diagnosed with a short cervix. I had my dd at 41 weeks and a normal pregnancy. Second time round was due to fly on holiday next day and had a mini show. was 28 +6. went to hosp and sure all fine. All was until they measured my cervix had dropped to 18mm. was not allowed to fly and given steroid injections. Was petrified of having early labour. was checked on every week til week 34, my cervix shortened at week 30 to just 12mm and I was given progesterone pessaries. I stopped work but did not take bedrest, was told to stay active but not to lift (difficult with 2 year old toddler). I took it very easy. every day i was counting as being better for my baby. Went into labour at 37 +2 and had healthy baby boy (7lb 8oz) at 37 +3, with a normal delivery, took about 4 hours less than my daughter. So I had read so much on short cervix and wanted stats to hear that i would be OK. Of course they cannot tell you this, but all i heard were stories of people delivering early and actually in the end my baby is classed as term. Not sure what the odds are if I have another, not sure i can go through the stress of me imagining every twinge was me going into labour from week 30, but all the same I am so grateful to be where I am with him, although I was told by hospital anything after 30 weeks is no problem these days, and so much they can do before that anyway. Good luck to anyone who has same problem, I found it the most stressful thing ever.

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hope bubs keeps baking a while longer

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